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We recognise that economic, social and environmental issues and impacts should be considered as part of good business practice and embedded in our values ...

"In all of our business processes we aim to consider our impact on our staff, our clients and the communities in which we live and work"

In conducting our business, we are determined that the goals we set out to achieve should not be undone by the method we use to achieve them. In order to ensure as an organisation we can be truly sustainable, we recognise that there is a long road ahead for all of us at Lewis and Lewis Ltd. We are fully committed to that process – and to the end result.

This is reflected in our approach to Corporate Responsibility. How we behave as a business and how we interact with the world as a member of the international business community, as an employer and as a consumer, are driven by the same core values of integrity, innovation and collaboration.

Corporate Social Responsibility has become topical in recent years with organisations from every business sector waving their CSR flag. Lewis and Lewis Ltd has been involved in socially responsible activity since its inception. It is a fundamental part of who we are and how we operate as a company, and a reflection on the high calibre of people we employ.

Lewis and Lewis aim to focus on the following areas as part of its Responsibility agenda: Community and Charitable Giving, Development and Wellbeing of our People, Environmental Awarness and Sustainability, Ethics and Integrity, and importantly Health and Safety.

Each of the above principles are driven and promoted by Senior Management who help develop initiatives and communicate the above progress to all our customers, staff, suppliers and the communities in which we work.