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GO Wales Work Placements are Wales’ flagship work experience scheme. We offer students and graduates the chance to gain paid, project-based work experience. Our placements are proven to make you more employable...

Lewis and Lewis offer Work Placements through the GO Wales scheme

0800 111 4493

You can take part in our placement scheme if you are a higher education student with EU citizenship, or a graduate. You will be expected to have an address in Wales or to be studying at a Welsh higher education institution.

What is a Work Placement?

Here are the basic facts about our placement scheme:

  • Placements last around 10 weeks and are normally full-time.
  • Placements are paid £240 per week min.
  • You get the chance to develop your skills by working on a real business project for a local employer.
  • You complete a work-based qualification designed to help you develop your business and personal skills.
  • You can add some quality experience to your CV.
  • Many placements lead to further work with the host company but obviously this isn’t guaranteed.

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