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For a number of years we have worked in partnership with external learning providers to share best practices that will help students to transfer their academic knowledge into everyday working life...

Lewis and Lewis offer Work Tasters through the GO Wales scheme

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Lewis and Lewis offer Work Tasters through the GO Wales scheme.

GO Wales Work Tasters are organised according to your needs. Bespoke periods of work experience designed to help you make informed career choices. Tasters are short, flexible and enable students and graduates to gain experience of working in a particular career, industry or business sector.

You can take part in our taster scheme if you are a higher education student with EU citizenship, or a graduate. You will be expected to have an address in Wales or to be studying at a Welsh higher education institution.

What is a Work Taster?

Work Tasters are:

  • Normally up to 2 weeks in length.
  • Unpaid. You observe and maybe take part in some selected tasks but you’re not an employee of the organisation while on a Work Taster.
  • The rest is up to you… . Take a look at our case studies to see what types of Taster we have organised.

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