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Retail & Mixed Use Overview

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Lewis and Lewis has for many years consistently been recognised as one of the market leaders in the retail and mixed use sector providing clients with a wide range of development and construction consultancy services. Our clients have benefitted from the experience, knowledge and input of our specialist teams through the various stages of a project cycle from inception to completion and often encompassing ongoing enhancement.

We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of our clients and in helping them at all times to make informed decisions in order for them to achieve success. We are aware of complexities of projects and the often divergent interests of the stakeholders including the developer clients, funding institutions, tenants, local authorities and the wider community. We are disciplined in our approach whilst maintaining flexibility and always provide a tailored service to best fit our client and the specific project needs. Whilst we provide consistency of personnel and approach, our teams are multi skilled and flexible to meet the ever changing and evolving requirements of the client and the project through the life cycle of feasibility, procurement, construction, completion and beyond.