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Construction Insolvency Work

Lewis and Lewis Ltd provide specialist construction valuation and recovery expertise to Insolvency Practitioners ...

To find out more about the wide range of services we offer contact us on

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At Lewis and Lewis Ltd we have a team of specialist construction professionals known as QS’s or more commonly known as Quantity Surveyors. A QS’s skills include expertise on construction contracts, claims, forms of procurement, contract and payment valuations, tenders, novations and as well as a range of other technical, construction related skills.

Lewis and Lewis Ltd supports Insolvency Practitioners in the entire course of their work right from pre-formal appointment to collection and the realisation of creditors funds.

Based upon our expert interrogation of the records, we compile a Contract Report
which is used by the Insolvency Practitioner:

  • For preperation of a Statement of Affairs.
  • Estimating realisations in relation to the funds at risk in terms of debtors, retentions, works in progress etc.

A Quantity Surveyor can suitable work alongside an Insolvency Practictioner – whether it be by providing pre-insolvency advice as part of an Independent Business Review or during the post-insolvency recovery phase.

Construction contracting is probably the most fertile of industries for insolvencies due to its very low margins and its ease of entry (and re-entry). It is also one of the most contractually complex, and this has given rise to more contract case-law than any other. From the contractor’s viewpoint, each job is a prototype. It is usually a different end product, using different materials to a different design, in a different place, for a different client, under different terms and conditions. Construction contracting is, in short, highly specialised requiring specialist support for IP’s.

Our Insolvency Practitioner Services include:

  • Review of the Company’s financial records to verify the overall debt position
  • Calculation of ‘Best’ / ‘Worst’ range of estimated realisations for Debts
  • Working with Company’s Directors and staff to prepare ‘sales pack’ information on ‘live’ contracts
  • Assisting and negotiating Novation agreements for sale of contracts
  • Liaising with the Insolvency Practitioner to notify the Company’s debtors of the trading status and financial position
  • Assisting with recovery / collation of company records relating to contract debtors
  • Pursuing recovery of contract Book Debts
  • Assisting the appointed Insolvency Practitioner to review any legal action necessary to recover disputed book debts
  • Where instructed, assisting the Insolvency Practitioner with the review and settlement of sub-contractor and supplier creditor claims